January 14th and February 11th shoots were cancelled due to lack of participants.

2017/2018 Winter Derbies

Tired of football?

No ATA shoots in the area?

Suffering from cabin fever?

We may have just the ticket to cure these ills.  Come visit us for one of our winter derby trap shoots held the second Sunday of each month.  Each is a 100 target event; 50 singles and 50 handicap.  Handicap yardage is based on the singles score.  Practice begins at 9:00am and the program commences at 11:00am.

Food will be available on a pot-luck basis, so bring along something you’d like to share.

Listed below are the derby dates and a link to the shoot program.


         October 8th, November 12th, December 10th, 2017.

         January 14th, February 11th, March 11th, 2018.

Clinton County Sportsman's Club